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Armytek NyoGel 760G 25ml

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During the everyday operation when you switch the modes and tighten / loosen flashlight parts, O-rings and threads undergo friction and wear out. That is why special thread grease was developed to maintain top conditions of the flashlight and prolong its life. The best choice for use with flashlights is thick silicone O-ring grease (thread grease) Nyogel 760G. This thread grease is very sluggish and doesn’t dissolve in most liquids as water, methanol etc. Besides it reserves these characteristics in wide temperature range.

The other reason to lubricate all threads and O-rings with silicon thread grease is its water resistant characteristics. All Armytek flashlights are submersible up to 50 meters depth and can be used as lights for diving and spearfishing. Thread grease improves the water resistance of our flashlights and also enhances other features - eases mode switching and saves threads from wearing out. Flashlight grease can definitely prolong lifetime for threads in your device and provide your with better and most reliable performance.

I've used similar type products in the past and found them to be of minimal benefit. This is due to the fact that many of them dry out or degrade very quickly. As Armytek takes pride in their flashlights and other products, I decided to give Nyogel 760G a try. I was not disappointed...

I am very pleased with this product. It has excellent adhesion and is long-lasting. Although very little of this product is required to keep your O-rings well-lubed, I recommend purchasing the larger 10 or 25 ml sizes to avoid re-orders. The ultimate item to help maintain your Armytek flashlight!!!

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