• What is the warranty period for Armytek products?

10 years — flashlights made of aircraft-grade aluminium.

5 years — flashlights made of polycarbonate and battery chargers.

2 years — mounts, remote switches, color filters, power supplies, interchangeable tailcap for diving, components for battery chargers, components for aircraft-grade aluminium flashlights (batteries, headmounts, bicycle mounts, Micro USB and Magnet USB charging cables, buttons and connectors).

1 year – components for polycarbonate flashlights (built-in batteries, mounts, holders, buttons and connectors).

In order to avoid the situations related to the failure of the product, please read the instructions carefully and follow them as well as the recommendations of the service center specialists! Contact the service center specialists by phone +358 94 2457566 or by e-mail service@armytek.fi.

In order to get warranty service assistance, you have to:

• if you bought the product on our website, provide your order number;

• if the product was bought in another store, provide a document confirming the purchase — receipt or warranty card.

• What should you do if you discover a fault?

If you discover a malfunction of the flashlight, please check the following points:

1. Make sure that you have read the flashlight's operation instructions and do everything according to them.

2. Check the flashlight malfunction using a well working and charged battery.

3. Magnetic charger indication is constant or blinking orange — make sure you have replaced the power source and cleaned the contacts with a cotton swab and an alcohol solution.

4. Magnetic charger indication of the multi flashlights or Prime series flashlights is blinking red — make sure that you have unscrewed the tailcap of the flashlight to 1/4 to start charging.

5. Tactical flashlight does not work properly (doesn't switch the modes, blinking) — make sure the flashlight's body is installed correctly (the part of body without matt anti-abrasive finish should be attached to the head) and the ring is fixed in the tailcap.

If you have followed all of the recommendations above and the problem has not been resolved, please send your warranty request here. Attach to the form a photo or video describing the problem, that is not exceeding 20 MB in size.

With proper use and care, (in order to learn the rules of care follow the care and storage page) we will replace without charge any products or parts which are found to be defective.

• What cases are not covered by the warranty?

Warranty repairs and replacements are not available for:

  • Correctly functioning products without defects or with defects, caused by modifications, wrong or improper use.
  • The products with defects caused by deviation from the rules of care (follow the link the learn the rules of care).
  • The products with defects caused by negligence damage of the product or parts thereof and repair by unauthorized persons.
  • The damages caused by application of the flashlight in chlorinated, contaminated liquids or sea water.
  • The malfunctions caused by application of non-recommended or low-quality batteries.
  • The products with normal wear and tear: scratches and cracks on the body and glass, chips of coating, dents on the body, abrasion and wear of rubber and plastic parts; wear and tear of the threaded joints (to prevent wear and to ensure impermeability of the flashlight, it is necessary to lubricate the threads and silicone seals with a special silicone grease (you can buy silicone grease here)).
  • Damaged goods with traces of any interference in the circuitry of the head part of the flashlight.
  • Goods, the malfunction of which is caused by mechanical impact exceeding the declared characteristics: bursted or cracked due to mechanical impact, breakage of plastic holders of headlamps, as well as wires fractures / breaks of remote switches for tactical flashlights.

If your case is not under warranty, contact us by phone +358 94 2457566 or by e-mail service@armytek.fi and we will suggest solutions.

All information on our website is for informational purposes only. Specifications are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice.

• How can you get a warranty assistance?

Warranty and post-warranty service is performed after request by phone +358 94 2457566 or e-mail service@armytek.fi or after filling in the warranty request. The letter or warranty request must be accompanied by a photo or video of the malfunction, not exceeding 20 MB in size. If you bought the product on our website, you need to provide your order number. If the product was bought in another store, you have to provide a document confirming the purchase — receipt or warranty card.

It is necessary to send the defective product to our office in full packaging arrangement (flashlight, battery, charger) for more detailed diagnostics of the problem. The delivery of defective products to the service center is paid by the customer. When replacing the product, we will send it to you with the same package arrangement in which we received it from you. Address for sending a defective product is provided after sending an e-mail to service@armytek.fi.