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History of Armytek company

How to get to know a person? Get to know his life story. And what do you know about Armytek? Yes, Armytek company is a whole alive organism that is easy to compare with a person. Young, but at the same time mature and ever-growing person, who stands on his own feet. And now it’s time to learn about him. Armytek as a company is...


New powerful Handy C1 Vape Edition is already available!

Extremely compact size allows to сarry Handy C1 VE everytime and everywhere. Thanks to Powerbank function you can charge not only batteries, but even gadgets. Charger fixes battery tightly, that’s why it doesn’t fall out. It is especially convenient for trips and carry in a bag. What are the special features of Handy C1 VE?...


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